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About the Center

The Center for Child Protection and Family Support was founded in 1987 by Joyce N. Thomas a pediatric nurse practitioner, and Carl M Rogers, a research psychologist. The Center is a community-based nonprofit social service agency that focuses on child protection and safety. The Center is nationally and internationally known for delivery of services, training & technical assistance to providers and programs that prevent violence across the life span.

Recent Accomplishments of the Center are:

  • Creation of innovative projects such as Balancing Employment and Parenting (BEAP), which is a field initiated federally funded parenting program for high-risk mothers and pre-school children. A product of this effort is the parenting curriculum known as Riding the Parenthood Wave Curriculum.
  • Development of culturally competent practice models for the assessment and intervention of at-risk ethnic diverse children and families. A product of this effort was the resource and technical assistance program known as the People of Color Leadership Institute (POCLI).
  • Establishment of the Child Maltreatment Victim Service Center (VSC), which provided treatment to abused and neglected children and their families.
  • Implementation of the Child Abuse and Neglect Training Institute (CANTI) and Center Training Academy (CTA) professional training programs for mandated reporters of child abuse and neglect.
  • Facilitation for the District of Columbia, Citizens Review Panel.

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