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  Message from The President and CEO
Joyce N. Thomas, RN, MPH, PNP, FAAN

Picture of Joyce ThomasThe Center has always remained in my heart since co-founding this organization back in 1987. Now 25 years later, I'm focusing on sustainability of this institution for future generations of children and families. I am inspired to reach out to friends and colleagues to ask for your continued confidence in the work of the Center. We get calls every day from individuals in the community expressing how desperate they feel and how they need information because they don't know where to turn.

I am reminded of the young single father who was a victim of child abuse during his youth, who expressed great appreciation for learning how to care for his three-year-old daughter. Working with mothers who are reentering the community after incarceration is one of our newest child abuse prevention activities. Through the Trauma Informed Positive Parenting (TIPP) project, we serve victims of domestic violence to help them understand the effects of trauma on children. Through evaluating our programs, we make sure that we are getting the best return on investments of our donors.

We have seen thousands of children that are hurt, families that are homeless, teens who are in trouble, foster families needing support, and women who are abused. Our social service programs involve direct services, prevention strategies, education to families, and training for providers that serve children. We know that the best way to protect children is to promote prevention of all violence.

My vision is to stop child abuse now for a better future for families. Your donation will help us continue to serve families, to build strong youth for a brighter tomorrow

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